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Foods to eat for acid reflux.

Acid reflux is a troublesome condition that increasingly affects more and more people worldwide. If left untreated it can progress into a cancerous phase, called Barrett’s Syndrome, and cause cancers of the esophagus. This video shows 5 foods to eat for acid reflux.

Here is the Negative Calorie Diet foods list. If there’s a particular food or group of foods on the list that you don’t really like raw, try cooking it and vice versa. Sometimes cooking will make a food more palatable.

Will every food on this list produce a total negative calorie effect? No, but that’s okay, while consuming very few calories. Find the directions for making the vegetable soup for the negative calorie diet recipe and the ingredients, at the bottom.


Green beans
String beans
Beet greens
Brussels sprouts
Chinese cabbage
Tomato (fresh/canned)
Corn (cob/canned)
Dandelion greens
Dill pickles
Mustard greens
Parsley leaves
Parsnips (raw/boiled)
Peppers (green/red)
Pickles (sour/sweet)
Red cabbage


It is recommended to try everything at least once! You may just find a new friend from this list of fruits for the negative calorie diet

Damson plum
Fruit salad (fresh/canned)
Honeydew melon


Bass (fresh water/sea)
Buffalo fish
Clams (cooked)
Cod Steaks
Frog legs
Oysters (half shell)

The Negative Calorie Diet Soup and Ingredients:

When you follow the negative calorie diet plan the first week you eat the ultimate negative calorie, fat-burning, metabolism increasing soup ever devised. You will not eat this soup all by itself. That wouldn’t be healthy but you will eat some every day. It is recommended not to stray from the directions given below or try to implement your own variations.


6 large green onions
1 cup fresh green beans
2 cups fresh spinach
5 medium carrots
1 large can of cooked or stewed tomatoes
1 medium head of cabbage
1/2 bunch of celery
1 clove of garlic (you decide)
1 green or red bell pepper (red gives it more color)
1 stalk of broccoli
1 cup of brown rice (uncooked)
1 package of onion soup mix
FREE: your choice of salt, pepper, herbs, spices for taste

At first glance, some of you will look at the above list and think of the old cabbage soup diet. This is not that soup. The old cabbage soup diet did in fact help people lose weight, but there was a trade off in nutrition. The old cabbage soup diet was lacking in some areas such as protein, calcium, and grain. The Negative Calorie Diet makes up for these areas.

What does it taste like? If you like stew, you’ll like The Negative Calorie Soup. It’s not as boring as the old cabbage soup diet. Now you can add salt, pepper, herbs and spices to suit your particular taste. For instance, I like to make The Negative Calorie Soup with curry, salt, and pepper. After a two or three days, if I’m a little bored with it (it happens) I like to toss in some chopped or dried cilantro for a more tangy, Mexican flavor. I also love the broth that comes from the soup. I actually love to ladle some into a cup at night before I go to bed. Be creative with your spices.

One last word here. When we say herbs and spices, we mean just that. Fresh or dried herbs and spices that contain little or no calories.

A word of warning. You’re going to need a large stew pot, so have that ready and standing by. Depending on your pick of the above ingredients, you’ll be making roughly one and a half to two gallons of this soup.


Clean all ingredients. Don’t peel your carrots. Simply rub the outside of them with your hands thoroughly under water until the dirt is gone. Cut all vegetables into small and medium pieces. Run the clove of garlic through a garlic press or chop it very very fine.

Throw everything into the pot except the brown rice and fill with clean (preferably filtered) water. Fill it up to about two inches below the top. If the pot isn’t already on the stovetop, get it on there now. Turn the heat all the way up. Once the pot is boiling, throw in the brown rice. Now boil all the ingredients very fast for 5 minutes. Turn the heat down to a simmer and continue cooking until the vegetables are tender. This usually takes 4 to 6 hours.

One tip, don’t add salt, pepper, herbs and spices without tasting as you add them! Too much will ruin the batch. Then you have to start all over again! This soup will be your main dish for lunch and dinner.

I usually like to start The Negative Calorie Diet on Mondays. It just makes sense to me. Starting at the beginning of the week makes you more aware of your progress. Just like going to work and working till the weekend. You sense the end coming and look beyond it.

The only problem is the weekend. No reward! Just two more days of being on the diet. So if you prefer rewarding yourself on a weekend, simply start the diet on a Saturday. This way, when the next Saturday arrives, ready for your reward! But don’t go out and undo everything you just spent a week accomplishing.

I’ve talked to literally hundreds of people who have used The Negative Calorie Diet and a popular method of starting the diet seems to be on a weekend (Saturday) when you have a lot of chores scheduled to be done at home. You know, painting, mowing the yard, working on the car, crafts, etc. Maybe you want to just stay home and read a good book. The majority of the success stories I’ve been told about seem to hold true to this fact. Control your environment. It’s only a week. If you go out with friends or on a date, the temptation of eating something else may be too high. Only you know for sure, so think and plan ahead.

This soup is very important. I cannot stress this enough. You really need to plan this out. Since it takes 4 to 6 hours to prepare, it’s important that you make a large amount to start you off. I usually have to make it twice during the week. Plan ahead! Don’t come home from work after 6:00 p.m. with no soup to eat. Plan ahead! If you run out during the week (I know I do), try to cook early in the evening so that it will be ready by the next morning.

Beverages. What do you get to drink during the week? Water. What else? Water with a lemon wedge squeezed into it. No juices. No diet drinks. No coffee. No tea. No alcohol! Just water. Water with lemon. Oh, did I mention milk? No milk! Are we clear? Crystal, right? Again, you need to plan ahead. Make sure you have access to enough water to get you through the week.

It’s preferable to drink your water before and after your meals .Not during. Notice I said preferable. If you’re the type of person that can eat without having something to drink, great! But if you’re like me, you’ll have to have your water sitting right there with you during your meal. Water consumed before and after your meals will aid in the digestive process. Water consumed during meals slows down your digestion. If you must drink during your meal, try to keep it to half a glass.

Remember, you need to drink a gallon of water a day! That’s right, a whole gallon.

Health Warning: The Negative Calorie Diet is not intended as a replacement for long-term eating habits. The Negative Calorie Diet is not appropriate for children or teenagers. The Negative Calorie Diet is not intended to be a replacement for medical advice. If you are on medication, have a medical condition, or pregnant, PLEASE consult your doctor BEFORE going on this or any weight-loss program. Should you decide that you want to increase your physical activity, again please consult your doctor. This is for your safety!

Green juices are a great source of vitamins, nutrition and also great at reducing the craving for food that typically undermines efforts to lose weight or to achieve a full body detox. Once you start doing the method outlined in this guide you will find yourself with more energy, healthier skin, a large amount of confidence and the need to snack nearly removed from your lifestyle completely.

That is just what drinking green juices is all about! Honestly, so few people understand the true power of greens and many people dislike drinking them because of their odd look. While they may look odd being juiced the flavor and benefits are much better than you can image.

Instead of having to take that huge multivitamin each and every day, you can complete the 7 day detox method outlined in this guide and get those same benefits for the whole month. It’s really just that simple and it tastes so much better!

Greens juices provide you with a way to get all the needed vitamins you should be eating daily without the stress of having to cook them. Green vegetables contain calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C, K and lots of the B vitamins as well. You can get a lot more energy from a 6 oz glass of green juice than you can from a 16 oz mug of coffee. The best part is that green juices cut craving and give you a full feeling faster and longer than any other item. Instead of taking craving fixing pills you can drink some green juice and get all the nutrition you need as well as remove the need to snack.

Benefits of green juice detoxing

Once you start drinking green juices you will learn that you don’t really taste the greens in the juice when they are combined with a nice amount of sweet and healthy fruits. This is because most greens are tasteless. Of course Kale has a very strong taste, but after some time you won’t notice it. Spinach may have a strong taste when cooked but when it’s added to fruits like oranges, peaches and even apples you won’t even taste the Spinach!

Once you start drinking green juices you will feel a nice steady amount of energy that will last all day long. This is because of the B vitamins within the greens, which give you a boost of energy that is long lasting. Many times people drink coffee or energy drinks to wake themselves up. The truth is that the surge of energy from a coffee or energy drink is very short lived. Instead of it lasting for only an hour or so, you will discover that green juices provide an all-day energy level that you can’t normally find in traditional drinks or even pills.

Once you start drinking green juices you will learn a unique way to manage your health, start a diet and completely clean your body of gross toxins. This detoxing method can be used to start a diet because it removes the toxins that might be living in your body currently. You will notice you are no longer constipated and have no problem going to the bathroom each and every night during the time you are doing the seven day green juice diet.

Once you start drinking green juices you will be able to know just when your body needs to detox and how to do it without headaches or issues. It can become a natural monthly thing for you to do keep your body healthy and your weight under control. This may be one of the easiest ways yet to slim your waist line in seven days and keep it slim.

Some Common Problems for People starting the Green Juice Diet

Of course with everything good there are always some bad things that come with them. While green juices provide more positive things then negative ones it’s important for you to know right away what the negatives might be and how to cope with those negatives before you even start your seven day detox method.

The first problem is that it does cost to do a detox. The issue is that you must be willing to buy the ingredients in order to even begin. You also need to be able to buy a juicer that is long lasting and can provide you with the features you need. Of course the cost of ingredients depends on you and how you shop but it can get expensive. You should budget for an extra $20 to $45 for your seven day detox because of the things you will need.

The solution to this problem is to budget before you even start your diet. You can easily set aside a few dollars from your check a few weeks before you plan on doing your 7 day detox. There is no reason to feel like you have to do this method today when you can take your time and budget for the extra expensive.

The same applies for getting a juicer. You can budget for one that is great or you can go for an affordable model and upgrade at a later time. Normally you can spend anywhere from $20 to $200 on a juicer. The investment is worth it because more expensive juicers last for years while cheaper ones might need to be replaced after a few months of steady juicing. It’s not recommended to use a blender when it comes to the detox method. You want to juice the ingredients to get the most nutrients out of them instead of just blending them into mush.

The second problem is you do need to find time to actually juice for your diet. This can be determined by your daily schedule or by other things. You need to keep the time you drink your green juice the same throughout the whole seven day detox. Your body needs to get use to the drinking of the juice so that you have no issues digesting it.

The solution to this problem is to make a plan before you even start. Writing down your plan in your planner or having a reminder set up on your phone can remove the stress of forgetting to prepare and drink your juice. You can also get help from others by sharing the 7 day detox method as a group. Things are easier to do while in a group and it makes juicing and detoxing even more fun as well.

The third problem is that dieting of any kind is hard and so is detoxing. It takes times and patience to get started and to last for the whole seven days. You can become bored with the whole task or you can easily get busy and not find the time to actually do the diet. You could also start putting off your plans to do the diet as you get busier.

The solution to this problem is to take action right away instead of waiting for the right time to come. While money and cost may be a factor it shouldn’t stop you from getting started slowly and finding the best green juice recipe and researching juicing machines before you even start your detox diet.

Yes dieting is hard and yes detoxing is hard but the positives that come from detoxing outweigh the difficult parts of it. Instead of just sitting there waiting for something to happen, you need to get started and not let negative thoughts take over the positive outcome.

How and Why the 7 Day Green Juice Detox Works

The seven day green juice detox method has actually been around for years. It’s a common thing that movie stars in Hollywood do before an event or to keep their weight in check. However, the method within this guide is an upgrade and is being used to expand on an old-fashioned method and makes it easier for people of all ages, men and woman and even children to take a part in detoxing with green juices.

This method works because it’s easy to get started. Once you have your juicer and the ingredients you can get started. It takes determination to finish the detox completely and it can be a challenge for the first few days but after that it’s easy to start and it’s easy to finish.

This method works because naturally people don’t normally eat a lot of green vegetables. Mostly because they look gross, they don’t take on flavors easily and take a long time to cook. Children don’t like the taste of green vegetables as well. However when you remove the bad flavor green while still get their full benefits, both children and adults will be more likely to enjoy drinking the juice.

This method is made for short term dieting. This means you don’t have to be in a strict diet for the next three or four months. Instead you can do this method once a month and get the benefits of a full diet without the large amount of stress and the high cost of dieting.

This method is much cheaper than traditional dieting. Consider a normal diet can cost $200 to $500 a month everything considered – pills , diet specific food, gym memberships. A juicing diet like this one requires one week of change and nothing more. Once you’ve gotten your juicer your cost is limited only to the ingredients that you will be using. While you can take diets pills, eat diet specific food and join a gym when you are using this method it’s really isn’t needed. Simply adding some walking or a form of exercise and removing or limiting the amount of carbs you eat is enough.

This method promotes a healthy lifestyle. Once you get used to drinking green juices and you see the amount of energy you get from them, you can easily add green juice to your diet as you need it. Remember, you should not drink a green juice each and every day of the month. This is because your body simply can’t take too much fiber and it can cause issues in your natural system.

This method allows you to bring anyone into the detox with you. It’s not something that requires a lot of planning other than deciding the green juice recipes and the day you will start. This method works because it’s easy, simple and requires short term work that can benefit the dieter weeks after.

Some Common Green Juicing Myths

There are myths and misinformation out there regarding green juicing.

The main myth is the green juicing doesn’t work to lose weight or to detox a body. The truth is greens are the earth’s most nutritious plants and that eating greens is the best way to lose weight. Drinking them is normally ten times better.

The full effects and benefits of taking green juice thought take a bit of time to get noticed. Many times people expect some kind of miracle to happen the moment they take their first sip of a green juice. This isn’t going to happen. Normally you will notice a change in your digestion in one day but for some it can take two to three days to see a change.

The second myth is that the juice will taste gross. This isn’t true because normally once you’ve juiced the green they are nothing but vitamins. They may have a very light flavor but nothing more. Many green juice recipes contain fruits that make the green juice taste sweet or even spicy. There are a wide number of green juices that have amazing flavors and still provide you with a great nutritious drink.

Still, if you think that your juice will taste gross before drinking it, place it into a colored bottle and let it chill in the fridge for up to 5 minutes. This means that when you drink it, you will only taste the fruits you added and you won’t see the green color. Many times it’s the green color that makes people assume it will taste gross when the color is nothing but the vitamins.

The third myth is that green juices smell bad. This is a very funny myth and people have used it to make up a reason to not drink a great tasting green juice. The truth is, there are few green juice recipes that have a scent to them at all. If they do have a scent it’s most likely the ginger, lemon or orange.. Some people say that kale has a strong scent to match its strong flavor.

Still, if you think that your green juice smells this could be because it’s gone bad or because you are just over thinking it. You can remove the odd scent by adding lemon to the juice or by drinking it in a bottle that has a cover over it with a straw. This will remove the scent and still allow you to drink the juice.

The Green Juice Detox Step-by-Step

Before we get to the step by step method here are some tips that can help you get the most out of this seven day detox method.

Tip 1 – Keep a positive mind set every time you make your juice, drink your juice and write in your journal about your juicing. It’s very important to think of the end result while in the process of the method.

Tip 2 – Lower the amount of carbs you eat. Some detoxing diets advise you to remove carbs from your diet completely but you don’t have to with this detox diet. Instead cut your carbs in half and eat everything like normally.

Tip 3 – Don’t eat sweets or salty items. This can ruin this detoxing completely. Instead of eating a piece of cake from the office party, eat some yogurt instead. This will give you a sweet flavor without the high amount of sugar. The same goes for chips and other salty things. Keep your options open while detoxing.

Tip 4 – Drink lots of water and limit the soda. Soda contains a lot of sugar even diet sodas are not good during this detox. You are working to remove the toxins from things like soda so adding more to your diet would not be smart.

Tip 5 – Get active. You don’t have to change your whole life in order to get active while detoxing your body. By taking the stairs to work instead of the elevator while on this detoxing diet will promote the healthy lifestyle even more. You will have the energy to do it as well!

Tip 6 – Plan a way to celebrate after you’ve completed the detoxing diet. This reward should not be food it should be something fun and something that you are looking forward to getting. It could be a new dress in a smaller size or it could be going to the movies and spending the day there. Anything but food.

Step by Step

Buy a great juicer if you don’t have one and buy your ingredients- It’s important to have a long lasting juicer when it comes to planning for a green detoxing. Honestly, some juicers can’t even juice greens so reading reviews and product information is very important. Make sure to also buy all the ingredients you need to make your goodies before you ever start juicing. It’s perfectly okay to freeze more veggies and fruits but remember they MUST be thawed before juicing.

Plan your juice drinking time breakfast or lunch, not dinner. There are many detoxing plans that say to drink your juice in the morning and at night. This depends on the recipes but generally this isn’t a good idea. The main reason, no one wants to wake up and have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Normally it can take as little as 30 minutes for the green juice to work and as much as 6 hours. If you feel you can handle night time detoxing then try it once but only once.

Prep your ingredients by chopping and placing them into serving sized bags the day before juicing – This will save you the most time and many people forget that chopping and prepping it thus is the dullest task in the world of cooking. Even restaurants prep before they open. It’s important to determine the serving size of your juice and make the prep for them. Freeze the goodies in an air tight bag and take them out 2 to 3 hours before you plan on juicing them.

Drink your juice 30 minutes before eating a meal- This will provide you with a nice filling feeling and promote smaller serving sizes as well.

Cut your meal in half and eat little to no carbs within each meal. – High amounts of carbs are not recommended within this method because they promote a full feeling but aren’t as healthy, limit your carbs to one serving a day, or opt for whole grain cards instead. Avoid, sweets and also coffee while you are on this 7 day detox plan. You want your body to start fresh and these two things don’t help so avoid them or take small portions of them ever so often.

Get fit and stay active. Normally after drinking your juice and eating a meal you will notice a bust in your energy level. It’s important to take advantage of this nice bust and get active. If you are a stay at home mom, after drinking and eating, clean and dance or if you are an executive take a quick walk around your office. This is a very important step to this detoxing. It’s important to have your body move around after drinking a green juice.

After seven days go back to eating normally but still cut back on your carbs for two more days and continue exercising. Don’t be surprised if you notice your energy lower once you stop drinking green juices. This is a normal thing and normally goes away after you go back to your normal routine. Keep away from coffee for 2 days after the seven days. Many times coffee can reverse the effects of the detox so take a coffee break and drink tea instead.

The green juice diet detox works, is cheap, and will leave your body a lot healthier. Get started today!

50 Diabetic Cake Recipes (FREE cookbook)

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Making cakes for the diabetic is a challenge because we tend to associated cakes with sugar and sweetness. The recipes in this free to download ebook are diabetic friendly and they have been around to decades, tried and tested, and easy to cook. Many of them have been adapted from old issues of cookbooks from the American Diabetic Association and other cooks published decades ago.

50 delicious cake recipes, including breakfast recipes, pancakes, chocolate and apple cake recipes, cup cakes, as well as recipes for diabetic frosting and icing guaranteed to delight any members of the family with diabetes

The recipes in this collection were adapted from old cookbooks, some of them published in America, Canada, and the UK. Some of the ingredients/brands mentioned (for example the sugar substitutes) may not be available in your local area. When this happens, use the best available equivalent you can find or the one you have been using in your diabetic menus.

Notes on How to Reduce Sugar Content when Cooking: Guidelines for diabetics

  • Decrease the amount of sugar called for in traditional recipes by at least 1/3; substitute fruit juices, nectars or puréed fruits.
  • Use fruit canned in water or fruit juice

Use non caloric sweeteners if needed to increase the sweetness of a recipe without added calories. (Most baked desserts…

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Download our free stress and burnout diet guide and get practical solutions for dealing with mental and emotional exhaustion and chronic fatigue. This is a short pdf, only 26 pages.

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Here is the excerpt:

Stress is the curse of living in modern times. Everyone suffers from stress. And the stress we suffer takes a heavy toll on our bodies, emotions and minds. Stress can seriously affect performance at your workplace, impact your quality of life, strain relationships, or progress to burnout and mental exhaustion.

Stress and burnout are closely linked. I have a personal experience with burnout. I write for a living. About a year ago I over-worked myself writing content for some web design companies and burned myself out. It came a time when I couldn’t write a 500 word article to save my life. And then the stress settled in, mostly driven by my genuine worries about what was going to happen to me, how I was going to feed the family, etc. It took me 5 or six months to fully recover.

But before the total breakdown I remember noticing that eating cabbage somehow restored some of my mental energies. I then decided to look into my diet. As it turned out poor feeding habits contributed significantly to my mental exhaustion. If I had known then what I know now, I shouldn’t have lost all that time being unproductive and laid out.

This is how Mark Gorkin, the original Stress Doc, defined burnout:

“The gradual process by which a person, in response to prolonged stress and physical, mental and emotional strain, detaches from work and other meaningful relationships. The result is lowered productivity, cynicism, confusion…a feeling of being drained, having nothing more to give.”

He proposed a guideline for reducing chronic stress and burnout he called Natural SPEED – Sleep, Priorities, Empathy, Exercise and Diet.

I will sum it all up like this: Sleep: Don’t be cheap with your need for sleep. Priorities: Focus on the strategic when problem-solving or trying to be productive, and don’t “Just do it” in other words learn to say no and to negotiate what others expect from you (at your workplace, in your relationships, etc). Empathy: Making sure the shoulder lending (helping or supportively listening to others) is not a one-way transaction. Exercise: The benefit of regular exercise is both physical and psychological. Diet: A diet high in saturated fats and simple sugars induces drowsiness and mental torpor

You can read Mark Gorkin’s full strategies here. Let’s talk diet.

Stress & Burnout Diet

With a stress and burnout diet you are essentially targeting the brain. This means balancing protein, fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, grains, nuts and taking sufficient water. This is vital for achieving optimal energy and alertness.

Our brains are powerful organic machines. They control all thought, movement, and sensation while calculating and reacting with blistering speed. They store an immense amount of data as images, text, and concepts. Our brains also regulate thousands of complex functions, usually without bothering the conscious us with the exact details, such as with circadian rhythm, hormone balance, breathing, unconscious activity, and blood flow. This means the brain is constantly working, even when we sleep.

This also makes our brain the most energy greedy organ in our bodies, weighing only 2% of our total body weight but consuming more than 20% of our caloric intake. Then half of that energy goes toward the bioelectrical messages our brains send spiraling through the neurons and throughout the body.

We know that how we eat can affect our bodies, but what we put in our mouths also affects our mood, the brain’s energy, our memory, and even our ability to handle stress, complex problems, or simple daily tasks.

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